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Data Degaussers & Erasers

V880 High energy conveyor degausser
Non-continuous bulk eraser for cassettes and cartridges

The V880 is conveyor operated and is suitable to degauss Audio, DAT, VHS and S-VHS, VHS digital, 4&8mm, Beta SP/digital, video cassettes, Computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70/85, DLT 3489/3490/3590, 4&8mm.
This tape eraser has a limited duty cycle and optional belt cover.

V100 bulk eraser

V100 Bulk Eraser
Continuous, high volume degausser for all compact media

The V100 is a continuous duty high energy automatic degausser. Suitable for VHS, S-VHS, Beta SP, Betacam Digital, DVC-PRO, Digital S. Computer cartridges: 3480/3490, DLT, DC, 4&8mm DAT.

V92 Digitape Master Degausser
Compact, high-energy media eraser

The most compact, high energy tape eraser available. Capable of erasing all high energy magnetic media, oxide or metal based including broadcast, video, data & diskettes.

SV90 CESG Approved Degausser
Drawer operated security eraser for cassettes and cartridges

The SV90 Security Degausser is able to perform automatic erasure of high-density magnetic media achieved by applying a highly focused magnetic field created by Verity Systems exclusive multi-axis, 'pole tip' design. The tapes or cassettes are placed in the drawer compartment and rotated within the powerful 7000 Gauss field ensuring uniform and complete erasure. The SV90 can cope with a range of media.

The 890 for high throughput video tape erasure

SV91M Approved Degausser

SV91 DLT/LTO - CESG Approved Degausser
If you need to securely erase a range of magnetic media including high density metal tapes and data cassettes and then the SV91 DLT/LTO CESG approved security degausser is the choice of organisations around the world to comply with their Data Destruction policies.
The SV91 DLT/LTO security degausser is quick, taking as little as ten seconds to completely degauss a cassette.

V91 MAX High Energy Tape Eraser
Erase DLT, LTO tapes and Hard Drives

The V91 MAX is a second generation, high energy, degausser especially designed for the complete erasure of today’s high coercivity hard drives and tapes.

Currently only available in 60Hz format. (Americas Only)


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