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V94 Degausser
Features Erases S-VHS, VHS, Beta & U-matic
Features Easy Dual Pass Operation
Features Low Cost - Efficient
Features Light Net Weight and Portable
FeaturesUp to 180 per hour throughput
V94: Midigausser 
Designed to provide a cost-effective facility to erase a variety of common video and data magnetic media formats, the V94 will appeal to anyone in the video industry who requires a low cost, compact eraser to handle small to medium quantities of cassettes, cartridges or tapes.
Operation is simple and safe and is achieved by sliding cassettes, using the guide bar, or rotating tape reels over the degausserís surface. This provides effective erasure of any previously recorded tracks. The V94 has an automatic thermally controlled cooling fan, allowing the machine to be used to erase large batches of media. Additional electrical safety is provided by a mains supply fuse.
The V94 will be of interest to operators in the duplicating, production, voice logging and instrumentation industries who will benefit from the increase in quality and efficiency that the V94 Midigausser will bring.
V94 Degausser Specification
Media Erased:
Cassettes: VHS , S-VHS, Beta, U-Matic
Cartridges: Data DC 300,600,2000, 3480/3490, TK50/TK70, 4 & 8mm & DAT
Floppy Disks
Throughput: 180 per hour
Operational Voltage: 220/240v 50Hz, 115/208v 60Hz
Erasure: - 75dB on media
Current Rating: 1.8amps typ (50Hz)
Duty Cycle: Initial run 12 mins with 40% duty cycle first hour dependent on ambient temperature
Dimensions: Height: 4.5" (114mm)  Width: 13.9" (353mm)  Depth: 14.5" (363mm)
Weight: 30lbs (13.6kgs)
  Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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