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SV91 DLT/LTO CESG Approved Degausser
Government approved security degausser for cassettes & cartridges
SV91M Security Degausser
High energy security degausser
Meets CESG Specifications
High energy
Simple to Operate
Compact, Table Top Design
Handles all Magnetic Media Formats
If you require to erase a range of magnetic media including high density metal tapes and cassettes then the SV91 DLT/LTO tape eraser is up to the job. The SV91DLT/LTO is one of the fastest degausser machines too, taking as little as ten seconds to completely erase a cassette.

It is simple to use and its compact table top operation provides a thoroughly effective and low cost means to degauss Betacam SP, D2, Mll, DAT, 8mm and other high coercivity tapes. The SV91 DLT/LTO degausser is a compact, low noise, manually operated tape eraser that sits neatly on a table top and has been designed very much with Security operations in mind as its powerful degaussing fields can erase even metal particle tape.

The SV91 DLT/LTO degausser is ideal for the security conscious, low volume operator who wants to have a professional low budget solution to eliminate magnetic media security risks.

Government Approved
The SV91 DLT/LTO security degausser is UK government approved and certified to the CESG Degaussing Standard. This new Standard, which replaces the SEAP 8500 Degaussing Standard has two levels of degaussing:

• Lower Level - for RESTRICTED and below
• Higher Level - for CONFIDENTIAL and above

Currently the SV91 DLT/LTO is approved at the Lower Level. This means any magnetic media (holding RESTRICTED or less) may be regarded as NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED after being degaussed.

The SV91 DLT/LTO degausser is subject to S(E)N 06/09. which requires all the SEAP-approved degaussers to be retested against the new CESG Degaussing Standard (at the Higher Level). At this time, the testing standard is not yet available.

The SV91 DLT/LTO may still be used to degauss magnetic media at CONFIDENTIAL and above, but the degaussed media is subject to additional handling requirements (detailed in S(E)N 06/09).

NATO Numbers: 5836-99-591-3345 (50Hz) 5836-99-500-5299 (60Hz)

The SV91 DLT/LTO security degausser has been approved by Governments and meets the specified requirements of the CESG Degausser Standard for the secure erasure and destruction of information and data stored on magnetic media up to the restricted and below level. Also meets German security approval DIN33858.

Note: After degaussing some media are not reusable

Media Erased:

DLT Tapes: Super DLT I, II & III, DLT IV-VSL, S-DLT,
LTO Tapes: LT01, LT02, LT03, LT04; LTO5. 9840; 9940
Other media erased:
½” Computer Tape; Diskettes – single/boxed;
DC 600, 2000; TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3490E/3590/3590E; 4mm; 8mm; Exabyte; Travan; DLT; DAT; ZIP Disk; Ultrium
3590,9840,9980 & LTO data back up tapes can not be re-used.

Power Requirements:
 110-115v 60Hz
Current Rating 12 amps typ
Erasure Depth:
- 75dB on 1500 Oe Tape, - 90dB on 750 Oe
Degaussing Force: 5100 gauss 
Duty Cycle: Non-continuous / 20% per hour

Throughput per Hour:

20 DLT tapes per hour typical.
Controls: Mains On/OFF switch; Key switch - optional in US
Indicators: Mains On/Off. Erase Field
Dimensions: Height: 6" (150mm) Width: 16.5" (420mm) Depth:19"(480mm)
Weight: 77lbs (35kgs)
  Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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