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V880 Degausser
Degausser Features High energy 4000 gauss field
Degausser Features Fast Reliable Conveyor System
Degausser Features Powerful Dual "V" Configured Fields
Degausser Features Erases cassettes and cartridges
Degausser Features Easy and safe to use
Degausser Features Up to 1500 per hour throughput
V880: Metal Tape Degaussers
The V880 has been designed to bring efficient erasing of high energy cassettes and cartridges in a compact table top conveyorised degausser at an affordable price.

The conveyor transportation system of the V880 ensures that media is completely erased in an easy-to-use manner.

Extra security of erasure can be achieved by use of the optional belt cover, ensuring that media cannot be removed from the conveyor belt until it has passed completely through the erasure field.

The cassettes are placed onto the moving conveyor belt and carried over two degaussing coils which are orientated at 90 degrees to one another in a V formation. The belt speed is fixed at 4 inches per second (50hz).

V880 Degausser Specification
Erasure Depth: -75dB on 1500 Oe metal media
Media  Cassettes: Beta SP - large & small, Digital Betacam - large & small, D1,D2,D3 - small & medium, MI, MII, Beta, Betacam, U-Matic, U-Matic SP, VHS, SVHS, Compact Cassettes, LTO 1, 2 & 3, Scotchcart, DAT, 8mm Cartridges: 3480 & 3490E Cartridges TK50,70 and 85; Super DLT I, II & III; DLT IV-VSL
Degaussing Force: 4000 Gauss
Throughput: 600 Beta SP per hour (two passes)
Duty Cycle: 20 mins from cold, 60% in the first hour
Operational Voltage: 240/220 volts 50Hz, 208/220 volts 60Hz
Current Rating: 12 amps typ
Dimensions: Height 7.0" (177mm)  Width 15.6" (395mm) Depth 40.2" (1,021mm)
Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
Belt Speed: 50Hz 4ips, 60Hz 4.8ips
Belt Width: 6" (153mm)
  Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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